Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Preview

Victoria's Secret 2012: Who was naughty? Who was a good girl?

As everyone who hasn’t been under a rock knows, tonight is the night the highly-anticipated 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show will air. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show, however I do enjoy seeing a handful of my favorite “mass-market” models prance down the runway in cheesy little outfits. I also appreciate and respect the high production value that goes into the shows, even if they are quite ridiculous, with the outfits often more reminiscent of a holiday masquerade parade than something appropriate for a fashion show.

Based on the images that I’ve seen, along with the backstage teasers, and a few conversations with those who were actually at the filming a few weeks ago, there are a few models that I’m looking forward to seeing this year.

First is Constance Jablonski. Constance is a larger-framed girl, and on the boxy side, and thus has to work much harder to look skinny compared to the smaller framed models – which she has obviously been doing. She’s definitely been a super good girl judging from these images, and I’m proud of her.. I can see how hard she’s been working!

The second model I’m anxious to see is Magdalena Frackowiak. Magdalena, for the most part, always looks great and is always very consistent with her body and appearance.  She has a very toned and slim body that always looks amazing, as you can see.

Some fashion models who get the opportunity to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show use it as an opportunity to gain a few pounds to “fit the mold” of the brand, but not Constance and Magdalena! They didn’t slack off one bit (in fact Constance did the opposite) … very smart, because we know how fickle the industry is.

Then there are the standard Victoria’s Secret girls that we see every year, either because they are a staple for Victoria’s Secret or they’re Victoria’s Secret “Angels” – and honestly, some of them are just there because they’ve signed a contract for a certain number of years. These include Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and Erin Heatherton. These three are nothing impressive, as you’ll see in the images below.

Erin seems to have gained quite a bit of weight, especially in her thigh area.

Now – one of the most questionable girls in the show – as well as one of the most questionable girls in fashion in general right now – is Cara Delevingne. I have a love/hate relationship with Cara, which I’ll elaborate on in an upcoming article, but I just don’t think she’s a fit for VS. I think the reason she is in the show this year is because she has become one of the new “it” girls in fashion. And what better way for Victoria’s Secret to gain appeal in the high-fashion market by putting one of the popular fashion “it” girls in their show. (They did the same with Karlie. Karlie, in my opinion, isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model either, she’s too skinny for their target audience, but they continue to use her because she has such a huge following in the fashion world.)  The only thing Cara has going for her here is her horrible, all-over-the-place walk, one that I hate seeing on proper high fashion runways. I think her mess of a walk, combined with the silly, obnoxious, self-impressed faces she’s always making – make her a perfect fit for the ridiculousness that is the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Then there is Barbara Palvin, who as you all know, I’m not a fan of.  Are any of you thinking the same thing I am about those boots and those thighs? I felt so embarrassed for her the way the fat was spilling out of the top of her boots. I wonder what Barbara did to piss off the stylist that they made her squeeze into those? Poor Barbara, do you feel fat? Because you look it. The girl really belongs in plus size work, but that’s another conversation entirely. Too bad, because she really does have a gorgeous face.

And last but not least, there are the bona fide fatties Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge, who absolutely should not be on the runway because they just popped out babies these past few months. Seriously, I don’t know what woman aspires to look like them – except women who are 50-100lbs overweight and are looking for some inspiration from older, post-baby, overweight models with big floppy milk-filled breasts, thick mid-sections, and cellulite-marbled thighs. I know I’d rather barf than look like that – in fact, thanks VS, because seeing this is such perfect birth control!

There is one thing I must give VS credit for – they are smart marketers and know how to capture almost every audience. They’ve perfectly combined a few skinny fashion models, a current popular “it” fashion model, the standard VS girls that everyone recognizes for their ads and catalogues, the token fatties, along with two of the most popular music performers – Justin Bieber and Rihanna – into a highly publicized, must-see event that many top celebrities attend. I give them kudos, because they’ve done an amazing job of targeting almost every single demographic – young teen Bieber fans, to young fashionistas, to overweight middle-aged women, to men who want to see hot models walk around in lingerie (the most action they’ve probably seen all year – and right in their own living room,) and almost everyone in between. What they’ve created is an amazing marketing platform so powerful that even those of us who consider the majority of the models ordinary and far from inspirational will still watch the show – just like I will be doing with my boyfriend tonight.

Be sure and watch tonight 10/9C on CBS!

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